As a medium to pass on the sacred, spiritual and scientific knowledge about Astrology and Vastu Shastra; Pragnesh guides you to discover your real potential, works with you to counter your cosmic complications and blesses you to live a life full of love and light

Pragnesh is a young charismatic soul, determined to devote his life in resolving challenges for his clients by helping people in areas of love, marriage, career, business, and life. His solutions are devised basis the comfort and convenience of his clients. Whether it is best for the client to adopt a minor lifestyle change or counter some astrological predictions by performing some rituals or yagnas or at times just having a heartfelt conversation would do the needful; whatever be the route, Pragnesh ensures that every solution offered is for his client’s wellbeing.

Pragnesh believes that each soul is destined for a great journey in its own way. His passion and devotion to this service can be experienced when you interact with him. He selflessly works to heal, help and guide all those who seek a way to live a happy, fulfilled and a blissful life.


So, there you go! Smudging is a great practice to use when your home or work space needs clearing of negative energy.

Including abalone shells in your smudging ritual adds a piece of Mama Gaia’s natural beauty to your practice and recognises the four elements of nature. Not only that, but they make such handy bowls for resting your smudging sticks or herbs in, during your ritual or ceremony.  

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